banana pumpkin pancakes.

generally, i avoid anything processed & anything that comes from a box.  specifically muffins, cookies & cake mixes.  i really try to eat well, locally and all-natural.  so naturally, i avoid preservatives whenever i can.  

but trader joes found my weakness.  enter pumpkin pancakes & waffle mix.
since we don't have a tj's anywhere near us and they don't ship their most-fabulous products, we rely on family, friends and road trips to dc to hold us over.  we load up on sauces and candies and salsas and two buck chuck. 

you see, i'm a sucker for all things pumpkin.  so when i saw the pumpkin pancake & waffle mix, i couldn't pass it up without giving it a try.  and try we did...over and over again.  to my surprise, the pancakes are awesome- for a box mix.  they're a fantastic blend of pumpkin & spice (although you can never have too much pumpkin) and really fluffy.  

over the weekend we tried them with bananas on top & pure maple syrup.  to. die. for.  the only thing i kept wishing for was that i didn't have to share with a.  bananas and pumpkin make quite the pair...i couldn't stop eating them!

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