i am thankful for so many things and today, is the perfect reminder to stop, slow down, and reminisce all the good things in our life.  

today is a world different than last year's thanksgiving.  and tonight i'm blessed to not only be around family, but to have my love with us to celebrate the holidays.  last year's vast loneliness has been replaced by laughter and warmth and the large void i felt even though i was surrounded by people, was filled this year with soft glances, small kisses and bigs hugs. 

i have a hard time believing that in order to be happy you need to be thankful.  with so much goodness surrounding us each day, it's easy to take everything for granted.  and when you make time, like we're doing today, to reflect on all the gifts we have, it's hard not to be happy.  however, just because there's a lot you're thankful for, sometimes it's still hard to find happiness.  especially when you're missing that one special person who makes you happier than anyone else.  

being apart is hard, no matter who you are or why you have the distance between you.  and being apart during the holidays is that much more difficult.  trust me.  i know.  we've been there- twice.  so, while i'm overwhelmed with happiness and excited for the traditions we're creating and the time we're spending together, i'm also deeply thankful to each and every person making that difficult sacrifice this holiday season.  

thank you from the bottom of both our hearts, to every soldiers overseas and away from family.  thank you to the ones who tonight, are celebrating the last holiday with their families before they deploy as well.  and to those of you serving on the home front, thank you for letting go, staying strong and having faith.  we are extremely thankful for you as well.  without any of you or the sacrifices you're making, we wouldn't have the opportunities to find the happiness we seek.

happy thanksgiving. xxo

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  1. amen sista! very well said, and we thank each and every soldier who would never expect a thank you from us. tthey fight for what they beleive in, and we will be forever thankful!