holy crafty mama.

the other day i received the most-awesome package in the mail from my mom.  priority mail- straight to our doorstep.  the box was a belated valentines, happy everything kinda present stuffed with shaving cream and lotion and girl scout cookies and love notes.  it also contained the most thoughtful messenger bag.
at first glance, i thought it was purchased- and then upon closer inspection of the fabric, i noticed it held a similar resemblance to the yard of random fabric i found in my mom's sewing kit over the holidays and planned to take home (only i completely forgot).  i guess it's a good thing i did- otherwise i wouldn't be have in my possession such a rad bag.

growing up my mom made a lot of our holiday clothes- you know, those 1980's poofy floral onsies?  no?  well, i knew them all too well.  she also made us some killer halloween costumes and much to my dismay today, when the time came for me to learn sewing, i wanted nothing to do with it.  had i know what a kick ass seamstress my mom was, i wouldn't be learning techniques via youtube.  but i digress...

anyway, she wanted to make each of us a camera/messenger bag and has a good friend who makes bags as a hobby (check out her etsy shop!).  my mom worked with her to get some killer fabric and went to town, pattern in hand.  she made a bag for each of us (well, she's still making the fourth) careful to take into account our various personalities, color preferences, etc.
isn't it amazing?  it was honestly one of the best gift i've received in a really long time.  not only because of it's functionality, but also because of the thought, energy & love that went into each stitch.  i took it with us to lake george and it made a great purse during our travels.  she knows us all too well.  sometimes, even though we're hundreds of miles apart, better than we know ourselves.
ps: my bag is the burlap with the chevron inside and my sister's bag is the one with the birds.  there are two more bags out there that i was unable to get pictures of- but they're just as awesome.
pps: to send me that cool montage photo, my sister used and introduced me to picframe.  i'm obsessed.

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