an extended weekend via instagram.

the main reason i decided to get an iphone was for the camera & photo apps.  yep, i'm one of those people.  and i'm so glad i did.  having a great camera on me at all times has led to so many photo memories that would have otherwise passed us by.  now, i find myself capturing a lot of the little things, and relishing in those little moments more than i ever did before.

as for instagram, i've never been more obsessed with a social media frenzy.  i share more pictures via instagram than i do on facebook- and while it drives some of my non-instagraming friends a little crazy, anyone following me (@jess_russ) has a nice little window into our life.

a. and i celebrated a long weekend with lots of dining out, long walks, visits with friends, and gardening.  i started a few projects, was inspired by a print i stumbled upon on etsy, made use out of our little backyard garden goodies and repurposed some old flowers.

what about you?  have you hopped aboard the instagram train?

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