our syracuse home.

as mentioned last week, we're getting ready for quite the move.  the moving process in and of itself has been rather daunting.  not only are we moving cross country, but there will be a few months of transition in san diego, especially if we don't sell our home by october.

as i was prepping our more critical stuff (camping gear, wet suits, warm clothes...ya, we know what's important!!) for the move, i suddenly stopped and realized, i had zero pictures of our house!  dropping everything, i busted out the camera and began documenting this space we call home.
when we first arrived in new york, we had a bedroom set, piano and coffee table to our name.  over the past six years, we've acquired furniture and frames and souvenirs from our travels.  slowly, very slowly, our home started growing with both personality & stuff.
to be honest, there's so much more i'd love to do to this space.  as the years have passed, my personal style has moved with them.  today, i can picture bold, vibrant rugs (a feat much more realistic now that we have one hairy pup), more diy art, a beautiful wooden chair, and perhaps a finished bedroom; the only room yet to have a personality.
every space has it's own story.  our master bathroom for example, was an experiment with stripes and hooks.
our office was our first home project.  something simple, like removing a closet door to expand the space for a second desk.  only to become a two week ordeal after removing an innocent base board along with a nail, unintentionally lodged into our main water vein.  despite the need to learn drywall, carpeting and a visit from a plumber, we love this room.  & this is where i send most of my days.
our home is about 1,000 sq ft.  we've maximized every inch of the space and made each room work for us.  our walls are littered with frames and some of our most-favorite memorabilia.  we've added shelves and renovated our backyard.  this home wasn't intended for any diy projects, but as we lived here and found our routines, we made adjustments as necessary.  & that has resulted in comfortable living.  starting over is necessary, but i'll definitely miss the ease of these rooms.
i can't believe this is the first time i'm sharing photos of our home.  soon, sooner than i care to admit, i'll be sharing pictures of boxes and hollow rooms.  but until then, i'm enjoying ever square foot of our house and all the memories that come along with it!

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