cilantro salmon burgers with lime vinaigrette.

since we don't each much chicken or beef in our home, fish is our protein staple.  as many of you know, i've been a vegetarian for a little over three years, and when i made the choice to do so, i decided i would eat fish.

for many vegetarians, this is a huge faux pas.  i won't go into my decision-making process in this post, but after a lot of research and conversations with like-minded people, i knew it was the right choice for me.  i also knew because this was my choice, i could make the rules.  & so, i continued to enjoy fish every now and again.  technically, i guess i'm a pescatarian...tomato, tomatoe.

in my humble opinion, our house is the best restaurant in syracuse.  especially from a vegetarian perspective.  as much as i love this city, the vegetarian options leave a lot to be desired.  after od'ing on portobello and veggie burgers this summer, we needed a change.  and stat.  salmon burgers to the rescue.
believe it or not, these are just as easy to make as your traditional hamburger patty.  after a bit of research, we settled on this recipe.  unfortunately, i didn't grill these outside and chose to use a griddle to pan-fry these patties instead.  they fell apart rather easily so when grilling them, be sure to use a griddle-like surface to prevent the patties from breaking into your grill.
adjustments: i didn't make the mayo for these patties and added the cilantro directly to the salmon patty.  i substituted panko for the breadcrumbs and in lieu of a bun, we ate these patties on a bed of arugula with cucumber and a lime vinaigrette*.

review: we will make these again & again.  the salmon burgers are so easy to make, the flavors fresh, and ingredients versatile.  if you're having a dinner party and know your guests enjoy fish, i highly recommend this dish.   
*lime vinaigrette: 3 tbs of olive oil, 2 tbs fresh lime juice, 1 tbs white wine vinegar, 1 1/2 tsp dijon mustard, salt & pepper to taste.

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