recapping july.

july was a classic, quintessential, summer month.  i know i didn't share much of it with you due to my blogging hiatus, so i'll recap everything quickly.

obviously, we spent a majority of the month in germany and austria.  pure happiness.  for the 4th of july we went out to a friend's camp and hiked, boated, watched fireworks, and i water skied for the first time since middle school.  not too shabby, considering i stood up!  the rest of the month has been riddled with fun times with friends, the olympics, morning runs and baking.

i'm currently working to find my groove these days.  before we left for germany, i resigned from my job to focus on our upcoming move.  yep, you heard me right, a. and i are moving back to san diego at the end of the summer.  so now, we have our house on the market, i'm looking for a new job, and doing my best to enjoy the few months we have left in new york.

needless to say, there's a lot going on around here.  august has yet to let me down and i have a lot planned within these next 31 days.

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