diy: folded clutch

over the past couple days, i've been dabbling a bit with my sewing machine.  more so than i ever have in the past.  as a kid my mom tried to teach me to sew, but i was stubborn and completely uninterested.  with exception of an unsuccessful pillow case and a christmas tree skirt over the past year, the only thing i sew regularly is paper.

to be honest, sewing intimidates me.  big time.  the machine is one thing...it looks so simple and minimal and yet when i turn it on and press down the pedal, the fabric and needle tends to have a mind of their own.  there are multiple needles for various fabrics, tensions for different fabrics & of course, techniques and patterns.  should i go on?

but, i'm determined to figure out this fascinating machine so i've decided to grab the needle by the preverbial eye and teach myself.  because, it's about damn time.  for one of my first projects, i chose to take on the ever-so-popular folded clutch.

i figured this was a great basic project since it involved a zipper, pocket, leather and a simple inside lining.  i found this tutorial on pinterest and using some of my new youtube friends and sisterly advice, took to the machine.
the most difficult component was the zipper.  i'm not certain if it was the zipper i used, my lack of zipper knowledge, or overall sewing skills- but the zipper definitely didn't turn out as hoped.  however, it still works and was a great lesson learned.  i now know two very important things: don't sew the fabric too close to the zipper teeth or the zipper won't open & two, don't sew the end of the zipper down until you're completely certain where you want it to end.
i also took the liberty of adding a pocket to the inside lining.  this was a mandatory feature.  there's nothing worse than a disorganized purse.  and trust me, they do get disorganized!  so i cut a piece of chevron fabric about 7"wide and 4 1/4" high and a piece of the faux leather approximately the same width & 1/4" high.  after bending many pins, i secured the leather over the top of the fabric and sewed it on for a finished look. 
i love this bag and while it's far from perfect, it's perfect for me.  the neutral colors go with everything and funky inside is a fun surprise.  i intend to try this project again with a different zipper, but even if it turns out exactly the same, i'll be as equally in love.

ps. in case you're interested, my skirt is old navy and shirt is from the gap year's ago.

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