big news.

in case you haven't picked up on it in this post or even here, we're moving!

from syracuse to san diego.  we're packing up our home and our life and returning to our roots.  after eight years, a.'s time with the army is up & after much thought, we decided it was time to head home.  we've lived in new york for six years and while our first year here required much adjustment, we've fallen head-over-heels for the empire state.

there's no doubt about it, moving's rough.  and there are so many mixed emotions about this new chapter in our lives.  between the six years, two deployments, countless adventures and multiple jobs, we've made stellar friends & created such an awesome home and life here.

that's the hardest part of military life.  you move to a new city and after awhile, start meeting people, get involved in the community, secure a fantastic job and get comfortable.  then, in usually 3 to 5 years, new orders are cut and word's out that you're moving.  and this little life you worked so hard to create is left behind.

luckily for us, this tour hasn't been typically military.  we've had lot's of time to settle in and make some wonderful memories.  and while we're leaving, much as it is when you leave any home for any reason, the friendships we've worked so hard to build will come with us.  no doubt about it.  however, i'm still not ready to leave our ny family.

by moving to san diego, we'll be surrounded by family and friends- so we know it's the right step for us.  eventually, we'd like to start a little fam of our own and it will be so rad to have our hypothetical children surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

but knowing there's happiness waiting for us on the sandy shores of san diego doesn't make saying goodbye any easier.  at all.

september is our last full month in new york & there's so much we have to do before we move (selling the house is check box numero uno).  there's also tons left to see and so many people to spend time with.  and there's only six weeks to do it all.  crazy.

so in these next six weeks, a. and i have a few adventures planned between the packing, dinner dates and game nights.  inevitably, it'll feel like a whirlwind- but once we're in san diego, we can settle down and relax.  right now, there's no time.

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