an impromptu road trip.

this should serve as another lesson on why i need to get better at planning my daily posts. generally, i spend my mornings writing posts and if i have time, organizing my pictures for the next days post. but on mornings like this, it poses as a problem...

this morning, a. received a long awaited call for an interview from the coast guard & much to our surprise, the interview is slotted tomorrow in cape cod. considering the cape is a 6 hour drive from syracuse, this info kinda sent our entire morning into a chaotic whirlwind.

since we're selling the house, it needs to be show ready in a moments notice- and a small dinner party left our kitchen in a bit of disarray. so our morning plans were cancelled, we picked up, packed up and hit the road.

gotta love a good adventure & an impromptu road trip!

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