our weekend, only late.

things around here are moving much to fast.  everything is seemingly flying by, & try as i might, hours are not dragging by.  and i won't lie, i've been pouting quite a bit about it.  but we don't roll over easily and are still doing what we can to make the most of our last days around here.  fall's definitely here, so it's making the bittersweet, so much more enjoyable.
things have been exceptionally busy.  the big move sort has begun and the piles in our basement are mounting.  we accepted an offer on our home on monday, signed the paperwork this morning and as of yesterday afternoon, a. is officially on terminal leave (basically a three month vacation) from the army! there's so much yet to do, but as they say...one day at a time.
over the weekend, we double dated and mini golfed with some sweet friends.  we watched football, i started a new project (i'm now picking road-friendly hobbies) and spent most of sunday flying (i flew the plane!) and double-dating once again.  we baked and cooked and gardened and packed.  as they all tend to do in these parts, the weekend rocked. 
i can't help but get overly emotional lately.  we have so many huge changes happening in our life.  new jobs, a move across country, a new city, finding a home, making friends and building a new and wonderful life somewhere else.  it's a lot for two people & i won't lie, it's stressful.  then add on the emotion of saying goodbye to a city you deeply love & goodbye to a home that holds some of your most precious memories.  throw in the see ya later's to some of your favorite people in the whole world and you now have an emotional roller coaster.

so consider yourself warned- as happy and wonderful things are around here, know there's also a lot of emotion floating around.  so these next two weeks might be much like today, a little random, a whole bunch of reminiscing and probably a few tears.  thanks for bearing with me, and letting me keep it real.

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  1. Such a nice post... I love listening to you raw thoughts. I am always here or whatever you might need! Love you guys xoxoxo