our last dc weekend...for a while.

well, we decided to spend one of our last weekends on the east coast in washington dc, in our modest vacation home*.
since living in ny, we typically made the 6 hour drive two to three times a year- and if possible, more. we absolutely love dc- and with a free place to stay (with family to boot!), we're so glad we took advantage of spending time with our aunt & uncle while getting to know this amazing city.
my little sis drove up from north carolina and as we watched the nebraska game and a. mastered his signature wing recipe, we caught up.  it was fantastic to chat- between commercials, over the commentary, and during our pumpkin beer flights- without interruptions or time restraints.
with fantastic company and beautiful weather, we enjoyed the downtown sites, festivals and monuments.  we walked until our legs felt like they might possibly fall off and despite the sunshine, enjoyed the relatively empty streets and memorials.
it was the perfect "final" dc weekend.  don't get me wrong, we'll be back- and likely, a flight from los angeles will take the same amount of time as the drive from syracuse.  hopefully we can stay spontaneous in our visits & since we have so much left to explore in this city i'm sure the next visit will be sooner than we think.

*ha.  i wish.  it's my aunt & uncle's house that we regularly take over during our visits.  but for the sake of keeping up images...i call it what i want. ;)

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