around here.

around here we're embracing fall with open arms & making homemade apple chips (recipe to follow).
around here we're finalizing paperwork & organizing documents for the sale of our house and the move ahead of us.
around here i'm helping a friend make her belly dancing skirt for an upcoming performance.
around here a. is on a mission to make the ultimate chicken wing.  batch after batch, he's slowly getting closer.
around here things are slowly coming off the walls.  more than anything else, the empty walls are making this change feel real.
around here our house plants take center stage.  as i placed each one on top of the fireplace it was very apparent that with the exception of one, all had grown from two main plants.  it's like our very own inbred garden.
around here piles upon piles of stuff are filling up all usable tables & countertops.  small collections of knick-knacks each with their own memory of travels, loves, and past lives.
around here we're making everything we can with our fresh apple crop.  mini apple pies and apple sauce are first on the list.
around here i'm working on small projects and enjoying the final outcome of some that i've finished along the way.
around here our basement is a disaster.  more piles of stuff divided: to keep, donate, and toss.  

slow & steady is our motto right now.  stop, breathe, enjoy, and work.  organize, purge, & downsize.  the act of moving is a cleansing experience.  as they say, less is more and that's always the case when you're in the middle of a cross-country move.  so here we are drinking in, making the most & doing everything we can to wrap up our last syracuse days.

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