homemade basil vodka.

what one earth does one do with an abundance of basil?  pesto? check.  caprese salad? check.  give it to friends? check.  how about basil vodka?  sure, why not? 

and so this idea was born.  or at least the idea to give this recipe a try.  Putting everything together was super simple.  i cut a ton of basil (way more than one cup) from our bush & washed it thoroughly just to make sure the crop was bug-free.

i used an old pickle jar, put my massive amount of basil inside (no measuring necessary), and added the vodka to the top.  I’m not partial to any vodka in particular, but the svedka was on sale and it’s what i used when making the homemade amaretto.  the amaretto turned out so well I figured it wouldn’t hurt to use the same base. 
review: other than the brown tint from the basil, this vodka is very good- especially if you like basil.  it's perfect with a lemon simple syrup and a dash of club soda or in a vodka take on a strawberry-basil mojito.  i'll definitely be making this again.

adjustments: i added a ton more basil than the recipe required.  mostly because i had no idea what else to do with it.  in hindsight, while i love the super intense basil infusion, i should have divided the crop into two batches...but like i said above, i really like how it turned out...so it's all about preferences people.
note: i decided to gift a bottle of the "sauce" to a good friend.  i up-cycled a old (but clean) dressing bottle using one of the kraft labels from the avery/martha stewart line and added a recipe for a basil vodka gimlet that i modified a bit.  it was a fun little project to pull together, although i wish avery offered templates for photoshop elements as well as photoshop.  all in good time.

p.s. i used the following {free!} fonts: lavanderia delicate for both titles & derivia for the ingredients & directions.

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