our ridiculously short trip to the cape.

on monday i mentioned our spontaneous trek to cape cod for a.'s interview.  well, we're home now, making the total trip of 747 miles in the car, an hour and a half interview, a few hours spent walking on the beach, exploring as much as we possibly could, indulging in local fare & spending some precious time with our friends in boston (and their new little addition) in a grand total of 36 hours.  whew.  now that's a whirlwind.
but know what?  i'd do it all over again.  we had so much fun in the cape and since it was both during the week and off season, the towns were settling back into their sleepy modes.  we found a stellar hotel overlooking the beach (thanks to yelp!) with plenty of availability, ate at some notoriously busy restaurants (with very little, if any, wait), enjoyed quiet strips of beach and the most beautiful sunny weather.
while a. was at his interview, i spent a couple hours exploring some local shops & enjoying the fantastic weather.  we enjoyed our last lunch seaside and headed to boston for a quick little reunion.  we only had a few hours, but we chatted and reminisced and i held on tightly to the sweetest smelling little munchkin.  we didn't want to leave & we all know traveling home is the hardest part of any voyage.  but a. and i have a system- we listened to a few podcasts, jammed to our favorite tunes, chatted about the trip and the possibilities of another job offer coming through and daydreamed of our future. 
we're good at daydreaming.  it always gives us direction and something new to get excited about; like another (longer) trip to cape cod perhaps?

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