chasing fall.

around here, fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  so much so, that i'll stop everything i'm doing just to take in the impressive colors or grab a photo of the leaves.

it wasn't always like this.  growing up in southern california, fall meant hotter weather (if you can believe it) and santa anas with dry, static-y air, and wildfires.  doesn't that sound like the most wonderful time of the year?!? yea, i think not.
the irony between a socal fall and an east coast fall is that while things are heating up out west, a different kind of fire starts on the east coast.  a fire of maple reds, birch yellows and the glowing hues of sumac.  much like an actual fire, it's mesmerizing.
unfortunately, this will be our last colorful autumn for a while.  but we can't get to upset about this because, over the next two weeks, we'll be chasing fall through the united states.  i'm not exactly certain what our road trip will hold for us- but i do know many photos of the colors we encounter will appear on instagram and likely, here as well.
in new york, we have about a week, to a week and a half until full peak, these photos have been taken over the last couple days and as you can see, gradually, the colors are becoming brighter and more radiant.  it's not hard to see why this time of year is ranked so high on my list of loves.

note: the last photo was taken using the new iphone panorama option.  have you used this feature?  if so, what do you think?  i'm still on the fence & can't decide if it's any better than my dmd panorama app.

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