adjusting to "home"

getting reacquainted with san diego has been easier than i ever thought it would be.  things come back naturally- like our old running routes and favorite driving short-cuts, best places to grab a cup of tea and  smells of the chaparral in the canyons.  the constant craving for mexican food & frequent trips to the local yogurt shops in the middle of the warm, sunny days.

some things have proved more wonderful than we could have hoped. seeing family regularly, without rushing through dinner to make it on time for dessert with another family has been heavenly.  saying yes to happy hour and swim dates with friends without the guilt (and pressure) of not spending enough time with our families is also something of the past.  our time is our own and our days, while filling up quickly with family obligations and other fun options- are for us to decide.

and yet, as good as things possibly are, it's hard not to be homesick. everyday i'm deploying the "fake it till you make it" attitude. it's helping, but i can't help but miss our little syracuse life. our home, our friends, our community & network, working internet, and the ability to cook whatever we want for dinner. no one said this would be easy, and we all know transition is tough- so instead of complaining my way through this stage, i've put on a happy face & am actively seeking the good in these everyday challenges.

this too shall pass, it's true. & soon i'll be looking back on these challenges fondly & with a better appreciation of the little life a. and i have worked so hard to build.

so bring it on friday, and let's get this weekend and new attitude started!

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  1. Ahh I love this and you. So glad you are getting comfy in your new life but missing you back east each and every day!