welcome to san diego.

we made it!  those of you following me on instagram know we actually arrived to san diego late thursday night and for obvious reasons, blogging's been on the back burner.  we had a fantastic trip.  it was a culmination of productive miles on the road, some long days, awesome sight seeing on the shorter days, and plenty of time with many of our very favorite people.  
since getting "home", our priorities have been on spending time with our families, exploring our temporary home (san diego is only going to be home for about a month, assuming everything goes accordingly.  once everything falls into place, we'll actually be moving to orange county to begin our southern california lives.), and organizing our lives so we don't go bananas living out of suitcases.  it's been such an awesome transition and we're thoroughly enjoying our time here.  not to mention, we're finally united with our furry babe, radley!
during our epic road trip, we managed to take over a thousand photos.  i've been slowly diving in and organizing them as i have time and will share some of our favorite days & journeys with you shortly.  in the meantime, enjoy the rest of your sunday and thanks for all the well wishes as we traveled through the u.s. of a.

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