exploring mt. rushmore.

warning: please don't be alarmed by the insane amount of stone faces in the following photos!  i admittedly tend to go overboard in gorgeous setting such as this.
during this epic road trip, a. & i spent some time at mt. rushmore.  we arrived in south dakota and after a short drive, checked into ellsworth air force base and bee-lined straight to this national monument.  by the time we arrived, it was close to 5:30 pm & the suns last rays were lighting up the sky.
while absolutely freezing chilly, we were among very few people at the park, making it a spectacular time to relish in the fascination of four very large heads carved into the face of a mountain.

mt. rushmore wasn't nearly as large as either a. nor i thought it would be- however, that didn't make it any less impressive.  looking up at the faces of these influential presidents was humbling and awe-inspiring to say the least
we took our time walking the presidential trail.  along the way we stopped to read the signage (since we arrived as late as we did the audio tours were already closed), enjoy the beautiful scenery and of course, take some goofy pictures along the way.  like this one of me lovin' on one of my favorite presidents, teddy.
this was such a rad stop & we're so glad we took the time and went out of our way to make this monument part of our sight-seeing-musts along our drive.
while i can't say we'll ever be back (unless of course we happen to be in the area with kids or something) it was definitely worth the stop & a great way to pay homage to the brave men who had such a strong hand in founding this country.  very, very cool.

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