my first knit blanket.

desperate for a hands-on, road friendly project, i taught myself to knit.  using you tube of course.  about two weeks before we left on our trip, i picked up a various selection of yarn in coordinating colors and began my first knitting project, a baby blanket for our nephew.  since this was my first project, i wanted to keep things simple so i wouldn't get frustrated along the way. thus, the knit-only, stripe pattern was born.
i didn't have much of a plan and originally intended all the colors to be different. obviously this changed  throughout the process, mostly because i didn't count my first row of stitches and had no idea how many colors i'd actually need to complete the blanket to my desired length. as it came together however, i realized a few repeat colors would be necessary.
so once again, without a plan or any specific pattern, i continued to knit.  i found the entire knitting process to be exceptionally therapeutic; something about the monotonous rhythm was just soothing for me.  there were times however, i couldn't help but get frustrated.  for example, when i missed a stich or undercounted a row.  the first green stripe and i fought the entire time.  just as i thought i made progress, i'd have to tear it apart.  obviously we settled our differences & as the blanket came together, i couldn't help but get more excited.
i totally loved this project.  favorite to date.  this blanket will always remind me of packed boxes, community & our epic road trip.  i'm a little sad to be giving this up- but considering i'm now working on blanket number two, i know there are many more knitting projects in my future.


  1. I was wandering around the internet looking for knit blanket inspiration as I begin to knit my own blanket for the first time, and came across your blog. Your blanket is beautiful and looks simple enough! Can I ask what size needles you used and how many skeins of yarn it took? thanks!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Hannah! :) This blanket was my first-ever so the size was much smaller than a typical blanket. That said, I used one skein of yarn per row (so a total of 11). If you want to make is larger, I'd recommend 2-3 skeins per row (depending on how wide and think you want the stripes). As for the needles, I used a size 14. Hope that helps and I'd love to know how it goes! :)