happening now.

baking my first apple pie with my super-sweet neighbor. we spent the morning in her kitchen peeling, cutting, rolling & learning the tricks behind a perfect crust.

learning all about essential oil therapy from my dearest friend. she is a firm believer in holistic living and i can't wait to continue using her as a reference.

sorting through every closet, cupboard, drawer and closet in our house. the goodwill pile is growing & we're finally paring down to a reasonable amount of stuff.

listening to the newest mumford & sons album on repeat.

searching high and low for a.'s passport.  somewhere between our trip to germany & the moving process, it seems to have disappeared.  so now, we're recalculating our trip to michigan & will be driving through ohio instead of canada.  

sharing our favorite memories about our home, city, new york moments, people and everything in between with one another.  currently, a. & my favorite new games are: remember when & what was your favorite {blank}.

chasing fall and doing our best to capture the essence & striking colors of this season.  

walking in the rain and through falling leaves deep in conversation & laughter with one of my favorite people is hands-down, my favorite way to spend a morning.

eating and drinking pumpkin everything (closely followed by apple everything).  i'm obsessed with making some of the featured pumpkin recipes in this month's sunset magazine.

testing and retesting our house for radon.

trying to believe that it's actually october.  is it really? seriously?!?

arguing with the moving company about an employee reeking of marijuana and justifying why on earth we would ever refuse his services.

visiting with friends as often as possible to say our last see-ya-laters.

getting excited to read the happiness project.

wondering what our new life in california will hold.  where will we live?  where will i work?  where will we grocery shop and go on walks?  how far will we be from the ocean and can we ever find a network of people as wonderful as the one we've found in syracuse?  

knowing that no matter what, i'm doing all of this with my best friend and partner in crime.  and knowing that makes everything wonderful.

this post was prompted by the ever-inspiring ali edwards around here post.


  1. Enjoyed reading your post. Best wishes on your new move!

  2. Our walks will always be my most favorite memories of our friendship. Through the laughter ...the tears...the post game night walks and learning so much from you I know I will never find another. I LOVED our walks and they will forever be amazing memories that I will hold super close to my heart. Love ya lady.