views from the road.

obviously, a. and i spent a ridiculous amount of time driving through the roads of this rad country.  for most of the trek, we did our best to stay off the highways and take the scenic routes, but sometimes this proved difficult since we were towing our car.  looking back, i'd totally choose to tow the car over driving our two cars separately.  once we had the hang of it, it really wasn't too bad.  and after we crunched the numbers, it was apparent we didn't save that much money on gas, however, the time we were able to spend together in the car, was definitely irreplaceable.
we saw some of the coolest (and some of the most boring) landscapes and sights along the way.  driving together gave us way more flexibility to act on a whim & stop, see and stay where ever we wanted.  

when it comes to getting from point a to point b, a. and i couldn't be more opposite.  he just wants to get there.  head down, pedal to the metal, refuel when the car gasses up, kinda go.  which to me, sounds miserable.  i on the other hand, love to take my time, stop for every scenic overpass, tourist trap, unique shop & yummy bakery.  this kinda road tripping would have taken us months to cross the continental u.s.  so we compromised.
with the exception of our two longest days (syracuse to detroit, mi and eau claire, wi to pierre, sd) we only drove during the daylight hours and were on the road for no longer than eight hours a stretch.  this gave us the option to stop when we found something unique or wanted to take our time to enjoy a nice meal.  it also promised ample time to connect with friends & family and the opportunity to explore the cities we visited along the way.
while we spent a lot of time exploring, most of our sight seeing was done from our bug-coated windows.  and many, many photos were taken along the way.  these photos are some of the views we were blessed with during this awesome trek.  i love seeing the various views in these photo grids.  everything from the colors to the landscape, changes drastically- only proving how much of the great continent we still have to explore.

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