boo to the hoo.

i love halloween.  it's the next best thing to christmas.  a & i spent some of the weekend decorating the house for halloween (actually, a. helped me run errands to find the things i needed, while i decorated... notice a pattern here? :) ).  most of our seasonal decorations are halloween-specific, but if i find anything that can double as a fall decoration, i'll try to pick it up.  i guess that's why i love white pumpkins!

i try to only buy halloween decorations after the season is over...i love a good sale!  this year, i had a few ideas & had to break down to get some things, but please note, nothing we bought was halloween-specific. we picked up some black tulle, white candles, a few black frames and candy corn (okay, maybe that is halloween candy).  everything else i had laying around the house.  here is what we came up with.
we found some pictures online that i printed and framed.  talk about a cheap way to decorate.  the spider webs were a last-season martha stewart craft project (the glitterati is in the house!) and the flowers are in an old juice bottle with red lentils.  we used some old books, urns, candle holders, vases and corks.  with very (and i mean very) little money, we were able to put this together!  

what do you think?  how do you decorate for the halloween season?

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