three things.

3 names i go by:  jess, j & j-russ
3 places i have traveled:  maine, south africa & thailand
3 of my favorite thirst quenchers:  iced tea (unsweetened), water & mojitos
3 jobs i've had:  lifeguard, pottery painter (at a make-&-take pottery place) & camp counselor
3 shows i watch:  glee, the office & modern family
3 places i'd love to see:  napa valley, patagonia & new zealand
3 food i can't get enough of:  thai, indian & mexican
3 places i have lived:  san diego, ca., enterprise, al. & syracuse, ny.
3 things i'm looking forward to:  a.'s return home, thanksgiving with my family & australia

it's always fun to complete lists like this and look back years from now to see how much you've changed or see what has remained classic in your eyes.  & now you also know a little bit more about me!

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