csa's coming to an end

our csa has been a godsend this year.  it was our first time giving it a try.  after a lot of research and scouting local farms in the area, we decided to go with a small, organic (but non-certified) farm.  we chose to pay an up-front cost instead of a working share, but as the summer comes to an end, and my garden flounders, i've decided that i really want to do a working share next time.  there is something so cool about the idea of working on a farm!  so back to the roots.  this farm delivers to our city each week and picking it up is always a surprise...and a joy.  this was our surprise this week.  isn't it beautiful?

we've (i guess i should say, i) found it to be a challenge coming up with recipes each week, but it certainly kept me on my toes.  i found many amazing recipes online that i modified to fit the box, and i found that while we also saved a lot of money this summer on food, we also ate so much better.  as a vegetarian, i find the new veggies to be enjoyable.  a. a dedicated meat eater, doesn't find all the recipes great, but he is a good sport.  and always tells me my cooking is phenomenal.  have i mentioned how much i love him?

food is a passion of mine.  good. healthy. food.  non-processed and local.  i try to cook as often as possible.  sometimes life gets in the way but i do what i can to make it work.  i'll be the first to admit that i love a digiorno after a long day (don't we all?) but more often that not, home cooked is always better!  so now i have a weeks worth of veggies to enjoy.  any suggestions?   

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