sometimes i don't make the bed.  or do the dishes right after dinner.  i get lazy and reschedule my trips to the gym.  i eat too much chocolate and stay up too late.  days go by when i refuse to fold the laundry.  i spend time on facebook & other entertaining websites at work.  i'm terrible at returning phone calls.  

lo and behold...i'm not perfect.  it's silly to think how much time i spent trying to be.  but i love who i am today.  sure, i have a lot to improve & i have many quirks.  but since i've learned to embrace myself & make the changes i think will benefit me, i've found happiness.  true, unrefined happiness.  and really, how is that not 100 times better than perfection?

*want to join the perfect protest?  check out brene's blog and start a revolution!

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