friends, festivities, fritters & fall.

and that is basically a recap of an insanely amazing weekend!  seriously, amazing.  i was afraid it was going to be rough, with lots of tears & while there were some, i must give a shout out to our stellar friends.  after a lazy saturday afternoon, a. & i went to a friend’s house for our monthly game night (we’re game board enthusiasts…specifically hoopla!).  & when we arrived there was a note on the front door that said this:
we were both really confused and when we opened the door, our dear, dear friends decorated the entire house for the holidays.  & when i say holidays, i mean holidays.  we had halloween & thanksgiving, christmas & new years.  valentine’s day & st. pattys, birthdays, easter, cinco de mayo & the 4th of july were all represented.  we ate pumpkin pie, drank margaritas, colored easter eggs, blew out birthday candles, listened to christmas carols and so much more.  their love & thoughtfulness blew us away.  they took time out of their busy and precious weekend to make sure we were able to spend “the holidays” together.  & it felt pretty authentic considering i colored eggs with the ladies while a. chatted with the guys on the couch.  i’m showcasing some of my friends photographs since my pictures were blurry due to shaking hands & unstoppable tears.  here are a few of the highlights:
our Sunday was pretty outrageous  too.  we attempted to go apple picking.  it was so crowded so we picked some apple fritters  & hot cider to enjoy instead.  we ventured to a pumpkin patch/dairy farm and checked out the makings of byrne dairy and our boys had their first encounter with cows.  overall, an a+ kinda weekend.

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