happy happy monday.

i spent the weekend (and will spend some of this week) in san diego visiting with family and celebrating a wedding.  it's been wonderful to be around family during this time.  generally, i prefer to cope with things solo and then surround myself with family & friends, but this was really good for me.  also, i dove head first into a wedding and made sure my bridesmaid duties were taken seriously.

as of now, my mom made me one of my favorite meals (stuffed shells).  i celebrated my nephews 2nd birthday, ate lots of cake, enjoyed a wonderful rehearsal dinner.  spent a day with the bridesmaids pampering ourselves before the big day, walked down the aisle for a wonderful friend and danced the night away.

it's monday, it's raining & it's perfect.  monday will bring more time to spend with the family before i venture home.  i'm thinking a trip to trader joes, lunch with my mom & another family game night might be in the forecast.


  1. I think I am going to make your blog one of my bookmarked favorites. I like reading it, feels like i am talking to you. I love you and think you are amazing!

    <3 MAD

  2. a bookmarked blog? yes! thanks for cheering me on sis!