jet lag.

it's always nice to be home.  actually, i got home yesterday, but between work and a mandatory date night with the girls, i'm finally able to reflect on my trip home.  i had a really hard time this weekend & it was amazing to be surrounded by family & friends and the support i received was unreal.  while the war may be controversial, the support for the troops is amazing.  as it should be.  

i didn't have time to eat mexican. or eat in-n-out or go to the beach or trader joes.  it was a whirlwind.  but it kept me and my mind busy.  and at times like these, busy is good.

my mother made an amazing soup recipe she picked up during her trip to italy...she cooked a lot this trip!  i forgot to take a picture of it & i don't remember the name, but it was awesome.  if you swing back soon, i'll be sure to share.  but for now i'm in my home away from home, keeping busy & catching up.  while there is a lot to do, it sure is great to be back.

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