stopping time.

i’m really looking forward to the weekend.  i’m sure you can agree that this week has dragged by, regardless of the holiday (for those of you lucky enough to get it off).  why is that?  why do short weeks always feel years longer?  a huge part of me wants the weekend to be here, but there is an even bigger part of me that’s wishing it was still tuesday. 

as the one i love packs his bags to head out to afghanistan for a year, i’m doing everything in my power (& if you’ve ever tried to stop time, you’ll know how silly this sounds) to keep these last few days lingering.  i’m staying up way past my bedtime & waking up earlier than any normal person should.  to be honest, my body hates me.  it wants to sleep.  it wants the gym.  it wants a home cooked meal.  as we decided to spend these last few weeks wining & dining, spending hours twisted on the couch watching our favorite television shows, playing games and snuggling, life- normal life, has been pushed aside.  just for now anyway.  the irony behind our absence of normal life is...that’s all we want.  but we also want the “life” so, we’re doing the things we won’t be able to do together for the next 365 days.  and loving every second of it.

be sure to enjoy this weekend and surround yourself with the ones you love.  trust me, it’s always worth it.

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