my food hero.

meet michael pollan.  an amazing writer.  seriously.  i like to try and grow as a human, woman, wife, friend, worker-bee, etc. but sometimes books on growth aren't nearly as exciting (and in turn attention keeping) as per say, jodi picoult. 

along came michael.  his conversational writing style and gripping topics keep me enthralled for days.  in fact, in april i made a solo road trip to nebraska to visit my little sis for her birthday.  on the way, i picked up omnivore's dilemma and listened to the entire book during the trip.  not only were the topics blaringly obvious as i drove through the farmlands of iowa, but i felt like my understanding of food was so trivial until he broke it down.  and i'm a bit of a foodie...in the sense that i like to eat really good food and want to know the impact the food i eat has on the environment.
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his writings have inspired me to take a long, hard look at the way a. and i eat.  i don't like to consider myself an organic snob, but the more i can purchase at farmer's markets, locally, and preferably organic, the happier i generally am with those purchases.  it's gratifying to know that i'm not (or try really hard not to) contributing to the over-production of corn, high-fructose corn syrup, or meat.  once you learn the huge impact these few products have on the environment, the more i would hope you too would want to understand the things you can do to help reverse the cycle.

if you haven't already, i highly recommend going out and picking up one of mr. pollan's books.  you can't go wrong.  his ideas will impact you.  they will explain how our relationship with food, our culture and so many other variables (that in hindsight now seem like commonsense) play into how you eat.  his books aren't about dieting.  just understanding the most simple notion out there...eating. 

a., his parents and i are going to see my food hero talk in person tonight (a.'s parents have never heard of michael so it should be a pleasant surprise).  im so excited and my expectations are high.  if he speaks anything like he writes, then i know my expectations are bound to be exceeded. 

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