a day in the life//feb 2012.

for as many pictures i seem to have, i'm honestly not very good at remembering to document the little stuff.  having my phone with me has helped me get better at remembering, but not always.  the other day i was reading this post and was immediately inspired.  

This is a day in my life.  Sunday, February 12, 2012.

8:30am: i slept in.  today is the only day during the week i don't set my alarm.  i love waking up calmly and at my own pace.  it's finally snowing today.  i let radley out, boiled some water for my tea and stood by the window watching the snowfall.  i couldn't help myself and had to draw a little token of my affection towards mother nature.
8:45am: emptied the dishwasher and started doing the dishes.  i find if i don't get a jumpstart on the kitchen, it takes over our life.  also, i did a bit of baking saturday and had some final dishes left to wash.
9:10am: a. wakes up and radley gets excited.  he loves socks.  this pair he grabbed from the laundry basket and started prancing around the house.  he's so happy his people are awake and moving.
9:30am: an impromptu game of catch.
9:35am: time for breakfast.  after a small fridge purge, juice is on the menu.
9:45am: into the office for a desktop clean-up & weekly blog planning while a. finishes his weekly reading before his exam.  we ate breakfast (fresh juice and homemade banana bread) at our desks.  
11:00am: take a quick shower and get ready for the day.
11:30am: dressed and out the door for church.  this was the first time we've attempted to go/ been to church in forever.
 11:45am: on the road.  i love our car rides together.  
 12:12pm: church.
1:35pm: we get out of church and are starving.  head to panera for lunch.  we both had a soup and sandwich combo.  me: black bean soup with a mediterranean veggie sandwich, a.: steak chili with a southwestern flatbread.  when i can't finish my lunch, i usually pass them over to a., who has no problem helping me out.
2:15pm: onward to office depot for photo paper and ink and lowes for a new shower handle.  we love both office supply and hardware stores.  so a little extra window shopping is in order. 
3:30pm: on the was home we swing by an open house.  i'm totally that nosy neighbor and love, when possible, to get a sneak peak (& design ideas) into the lives of our neighbors. 
3:50pm: arrive home, let radley out and check on the marahmallows i made saturday.  they have to dry a lot so i cut them up and let them air out.  of course we taste-tested.  after an impromptu dinner part on friday, my no sweets rule was out the window the rest of the weekend.
4:15pm: while a. took his test and case study, i spent some time editing pictures and finishing up a scrapbook from november & december 2010.  
6:00pm: decide i better start making dinner, otherwise we'll be eating late again.  without using a recipe, i decide to make vegetarian stuffed peppers for dinner.  luckily there are plenty of ingredients in the fridge and cupboards for this to be a success.
6:15pm: a. rocks his test and case.  we open some homemade raspberry beer to celebrate.  he helps me prep some of the ingredients before heading back into the office to continue reading.
6:30pm: do the dishes while dinners cooking.  sometimes i feel as though all i do is cook and do the dishes.  then repeat.
7:00pm: dinner's ready.  i dish up, a. sets the "table," and we opt to sit in front of the tv to eat.  there's a new show on abc called, the river we decide to try.  totally up a.'s alley.  
7:30pm: since we've already had marshmallows, we dig into a yummy cake that a friend left behind from friday night.  the rest goes down the disposal so there's no more temptation in the house.
8:20pm:  we're enjoying the river more than we thought we would.  despite our better judgement, we watch another episode.  i need to blog, so i grab the computer and begin this post.
9:15pm: a.'s off to bed while i finish blogging.  i break to clean up the "table" and put the dishes away.
9:40pm: close up the house and turn off radley's "heater."
9:45pm: wash face, floss & brush teeth.  take vitamins, set alarm and head into a warm bed.  i just finished the third book of the hunger games and spend some time online figuring out what to read next.  generally, i try not to bring the computer to bed with me.  i just don't seem to sleep as well when the last this i see is a screen.  sometimes though, it happens anyway.  settle on and continue reading steve jobs biography.  

11:00pm: good night, sleep tight.

that's a day in my life.  totally cool and totally fun.  i'd love to do a week in the life since this is a great exercise to slow down, capture and reflect on all the little (and big) moments in your day.  to be honest, i don't know that this was a typical or abnormal sunday.  it was life.  hour by hour.  & a day that i know i'll love to remember.

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