a valentine garland.

i had to work over the weekend & opted to take yesterday off to recoup and refresh.  it was a perfect-kinda-day since a. also had the day off.  yay!  most of the day was spent organizing our office- but more on that later.

in an effort to keep up my 30 minutes of craftiness per day, i chose to take a break from the office chaos and pull together a quick project.  i had all the materials at home and after finding inspiration in homemade living, decided to make a valentine garland.  you know, since it's the month of all things love...

using a cookie cutter as a template, i traced hearts on 3 different colors of felt.  once i had the tracing done, i cut out the hearts and arranged them in the pattern i wanted to use.  then, i fed the hearts through the sewing machine one after another, giving the hearts enough space so there was a bit of loose thread between each. 
i love the way this turned out.  it was such a quick project and adds the perfect bit of valentine cheer to our home.  & i'd love to make more for the other windows.
for now, i'm going to enjoy this lovely valentines decor.  in my opinion these homemade touches are a hundred times better than many store-bought decorations.  i'm so happy i took the time to make it!  enjoy.


  1. I LOVE this! It's jsut the right splash of color needed for the month of LOVE~

  2. Brilliant Jess!! I'm a bit jeal-ster, my house is V-day barren! Great idea and yay craft time!

  3. thanks! this labor of LOVE was well worth it! :)