letters for soldiers.

recently i signed up to adopt a solider.  it kinda happened on a whim as i was looking into a few things online but since a.s been home, i've really missed supporting the soldiers overseas.  that said, when i stumbled upon this website, i thought this would be a fantastic way to continue to show our appreciation.  i signed up, received our adopted soldiers profile and was asked to begin writing letters immediately.  

writing letters to complete strangers isn't as easy as it sounds.  you have to wonder how much information to pass along and what they would be interested to hear.  this brought me back to my pen pal days.  minus the barrage of questions and the new pals that changed as often as my grade. so i wrote and the words came, as they always do.
i had so much fun writing to them & found this purpose extremely gratifying.  if you enjoy writing letters and are looking for something kind to do for someone else, write a note to a solider.  it's lonely overseas and your gratitude and good cheer will help keep their spirits high.  seriously, it's amazing how much appreciation soldiers (or anyone really) have for a single letter.  

and yes, this card was created by yours truly.

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  1. Wow this is really neat! What a great way to give to somebody and it would mean more than we would think. I think that this is so important because especially with the Military, they are known to be strong fierce fighters, and the majority of Soldiers that are overseas are feeling the most alone they have ever felt in their lives.
    Words are so powerful, and if you can make anyone feel better even for a moment, it is worth it. I am sure that your new soldier friend will enjoy and cherish every word that you have taken the time to write to them.

    Yay for inspiration! xoxo