not your typical kinda day.

yesterday i woke up early (& i never do that) to start my day with yoga.  it was fantastic and a perfect jump start to a beautiful morning.  i then had a relaxing morning as i pulled everything together for the day.  again, pretty rad.  work started out organized and happy...then i wound up at the urgent care.
not just like that- but kinda.  you see, i had to grab some conference tees from the back of my car so we could ship them to the venue.  as i was walking out of the parking garage, my arms full of boxes, i exited through a heavy, metal door backwards.  as i was walking from the door, the door slammed onto my poor heel & left me fighting for my life.  kinda.  sorta.  okay, not really.  but there was blood- and lots of it.  

i made my way up to my office on the third floor, walked to the ladies room and stuck my foot in the sink to wash out the dirt and grime.  minutes later, we had a restroom full of co-workers, 2 incomplete first aid kits and my ankle wrapped with the last of the gauze and bandages.  
once in the urgent care, i waited.  & waiting is always the hardest part.  this time was especially difficult since i was there on the clock and have some pretty big deadlines looming at the end of this week.  so i kept on waiting.  & when the doctor finally saw me and assessed my mere flesh wound, she gave me the scariest news...i needed stitches.  gulp.  
somehow in all my 28 years i have managed to skate through life without a broken bone or single stitch.  and there i was, after carrying a box of t-shirts into our office, getting 4 stitches in my heel and a tetanus shot in my arm.  needless to say, the day was ruined- though i think i got a relatively good story out of it.

so there you have it.  it definitely wasn't your typical kinda day.


  1. oh poor you!! at least it was not THAT bad, but be careful!!!

    1. I know...it could have been much worse! Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Bummer... super bummer :( I hope that you feel better! xoxoxo