stay with me.

i'm a sucker for valentine's day.  always have been.  growing up, my mom used to make it such a special day.  she'd send us upstairs while she took it upon herself to make dinner & set the table.  we loved this for two reasons: 1. we got out of a chore! and 2. there was so much anticipation for a pretty, festive table with little gifts for each of us.  she did this every year while we were growing up and continues to do it to this day.

celebrations such as this taught me about the importance of love.  finding love, embracing love, and celebrating love.  it's not only about romantic love- no, it's about recognizing the love that surrounds you, every. single. day.  & today is the day to publicly and openly share that love with others.  yay!

of course, now that a. and i are celebrating the holiday together, i want it to be magical.  while i try to downplay the day and all the fluff and lovey-dovey-ness, it is nice to have someone to celebrate with.  so to each of you, grab someone who you love.  a friend, your dad, sibling, child or pet and celebrate your love for one another.  make it special.  drink pink milk.  go surfing.  or skiing.  for today isn't about jewels or chocolate or fancy dinners,  it's about spending time and giving thanks to those who mean the world to you.

i'll leave you with one of my favorite lyrics from pearl jam's breathe
oh i'm a lucky man to count on both hands the ones i love

happy, happy valentine's day! xxo

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