weekending//business-trip style.

work took me to philly so i dragged a. with me for moral support.  we drove down friday since i had a speaker's dinner (while i wasn't a speaker, i was interviewed, gulp!).  saturday was a long day.  while i networked and attended sessions, a. kept busy studying and test-taking (spoiler alert, he's taking classes for his cfp).  but sunday was glorious.  we spent the day together gallivanting around the outskirts of philadelphia, exploring ikea and  met up with a dear childhood friend and her boyfriend for dinner and some awesome conversation.  in no particular order, here's the recap.

  1. sunday: zakes cakes and cafe had a stellar brunch.  one order of zakes omelet with a side of fruit and one order of their original eggs benedict (made with salmon).  yum!
  2. sunday: a beautiful walk on tyler's potato farm.  the serenity of the land & his beautiful home made this a perfect recap to the otherwise busy trip.
  3. sunday: a quick trip to ikea for operation organization (more on that coming soon).
  4. saturday: beer menu.  i chose hop devil.  and i'd do it all over again.
  5. friday: catching up on a full inbox before the speaker dinner.
  6. saturday: the restaurant for the last networking reception of the weekend.
  7. sunday: the very last bit of syracuse snow.  what a tease.
  8. sunday: zakes.  seriously, best brunch i've had in quite some time.
  9. sunday: tylers home.  built in the 1800's he gutted and restored the entire thing.  by hand.
  10. saturday: quick break under the university's skylights.
  11. friday: quick and dirty lunch at five guys.  i'm a sucker for peanuts and think their burgers are over-rated (granted, i've only have the veggie burgers...).
  12. saturday: a.'s reading, with wine and cough drops.  we went through an entire bag of those suckers (pun intended) over the weekend.  nice.
so there you have it.  our weekend recap.  definitely nothing fancy (with the exception of our visit with friends...and i really wish i took more pictures.  but let's be honest, it was about catching up.  not finding blog material.)  but we had a really nice time.  like i said yesterday, we took monday off to catch up and rest up.  so all said and done, it wasn't too shabby.

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