getting organized // office edition.

this february i committed to getting more organized.  when i made this pact with myself, i didn’t have an actual space in mind…it was just an overall, “get organized.”  i have plenty of things in my life that require a bit of tlc, so if the only thing i organized this month was my sock drawer, that’s okay.  & without the pressure of organizing a specific room/closet/etc., i’ve been much more willing to just start.  for example, during a day in my life, i organized my desktop folders and the first weekend in february, i took a giant step and organized my workspace. 

actually, this was as much organizing as it was simplifying.  since i scrapbook, i love to hold onto anything that holds a memory and that has potential to be memorialized.  that said, one can only guess how much crap i have.  a lot.  and i was sick of it. 

while a. and i were in pennsylvania the other weekend, we made a quick stop at ikea for some office supplies.  while they didn’t have a lot of organizational options to choose from, we stumbled upon this great find.  we then ventured to target for some drawer organizers and for about $60 (getting organized is not cheap), we stocked up on a few variations of different trays.
then i went to town.  i found half-finished projects and a lot of other stuff that could otherwise be recycled or donated.  i purged and organized.  & it felt great.  there’s a lot to be said about finding a perfect place for everything.  it’s so gratifying and cleansing.  no more huge piles or disheveled drawers.  just space.  and lots of it.  soon everything had a home and no longer were projects daunting or impossible to work on.  i was finally inspired and ready to create.
today, i still love my space.  i’m productive and eager to make beautiful things.  i’ll continue to collect little treasures from our day to day life, but with organization comes motivation & everything will quickly find a home- not a pile!
i hope you find motivation and inspiration this weekend!

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