painted letter valentines.

earlier this month, while in urban outfitters, i found some great metal letters.  and while i loved them the way they were, i wanted to do something a little different for valentine's day.  

after a quick trip to target and lowes, for stickers and spray paint respectively, the project started to come to life.  originally, i was hoping to go for a subtle blush and champagne palette but luckily for me, the only available colors were pink, pink, or fluorescent pink.   

this project took a few days to complete between the prep, paint and dry time.  but it was so worth it.  the letters have been gifted, received and everyone seems to love them!  who says valentines day to be either flowers or chocolate?  how about a fun decoration to adorn your house year after year.

- letters
- spray paint
- heart-shaped stickers
- masking tape

the steps:
1. after cleaning off the material you're planning to use, apply stickers (these should be easy to remove so you're not fighting the adhesive after you finally have everything spray painted.) in the design you'd like to use.  my designs varied per letter since each had a different negative space. 
2. cover anything you don't want to paint with the masking tape.  in this case, i covered the hangy-thing (you know, for the wall).
3. in a well-ventilated space, spray paint your letters.  i used two coats of paint and let the first coat sit for a few hours before applying the second.
4. once the paint has dried com.plete.ly, begin removing the stickers from the letters.  these stickers were a bit more adhesive than i thought and i ended up using tweezers to help remove the stickers from the metal letters.
5. gift, hang and enjoy

i hope you and all your friends enjoy this valentine's project!