homemade amaretto.

over the holidays, my sister-in-law gifted homemade amaretto.  that's right, i said it...homemade.  i was in such awe and so impressed by this homemade concoction that i knew i had to try it for myself.  up until that moment, i had no idea it was even possible to make your own liqueur.  & now that i do, the possibilities are endless!  

with the exception of the almond extract, i had everything i needed at home.  yep.  i have that much vodka on hand at all times.  because, you just never know.
i found and used this recipe from shutterbean.  i only made a single batch- though if i had to do it again, i would most certainly double it, .  it's not that we're big drinkers, but after bringing it to parties and serving it at an impromptu get-together, the amaretto was gone in a second.  another modification i made was not staining the liquid through a coffee filter.  instead, i cooked the sugar and water a bit longer than the recipe called for to help eliminate any residual sugar.
after the liquid cooled, i poured the amaretto into two salad dressing bottles we saved and waited about a week before consuming.  i stored them in a cool, dark place before and after opening.  for the next batch, i have every intention of using these labels before gifting.  enjoy!  

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