and away i go...again.

so, i'm leaving for california for a week and a half.  i'll be there for work (i work for a company that produces conferences) and will have limited access to my computer.  i won't have the time, or (to be completely honest) the energy to blog as often as i am now...although, that' not saying a lot.

that being said, my plan is to try and sum up each day of my workation with a photo.  just one- maybe two, of the days activities.  just don't be surprised if all you get is a picture of a pillow.  after a long, long day, that pillow will be the image of pure bliss.  i am bringing the camera obviously, and maybe i'll surprise you with some pics of what i do for a living.  even a. doesn't understand exactly what i do.

at the end of the conference i opted to tag on a few days for a much needed family visit in san diego.  i'll have some of my friends with me and while hanging with the fam, will show them around my old stomping grounds.  i always get a kick out of showing friends my roots.  after all, these are my people and this is my town.

enjoy the pics and enjoy your week.  i'll be sure to check in as often as possible.

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