home makeover- foyer edition.

one of the best reasons to have a place of your own is so you can mix it up whenever and however you want.  i could spend hours and hours looking through home decor magazines and on-site design spaces (can't you?) for ideas and inspiration.  it's one of my favorite past times.  when i find something i love, i either pin it on pintrest or pull it out of a magazine and put it in my handy-dandy "idea book."  

i'll admit it- i love a good project.  but more than anything, i love doing them on the cheap (money cheap- not quality cheap) & that's why, when our entry way drove me crazy on more days then one, i threw in the towel and decided we needed a change.  something fresh, but nothing that would break the bank.

since we moved in, we've had a rug- or maybe a fine carpet?- hanging in our entryway.  at first, it was a great piece for the space, but over the years, as we continued to evolve our style and decorate our home, it just didn't fit in anymore.  i love the texture of the rug and the size of it- but the colors are all off- and it just had to go.
 so, i ceremoniously removed the rug and the curtain rod from the wall.  i patched the holes and repainted the wall.
then, using pieces i've had lying around the house, purchased artwork and of course, our newest addition- robbie, i slowly began the hanging process.  i have to be honest, i always get so nervous to hang things.  i know that probably sounds silly, but it kinda intimidates me.  i hate the idea of hammering a nail in the wall only to realize i hung everything too high or too low.  needless to say, it takes me forever to hang anything.

but i busted out the hammer and nails and went to work.  and i happen to love the way it turned out.  
for now, i absolutely love this wall & i love the way it looks when we walk into the house- but after reading this article from young house love, i think i want to fill the entire wall with pictures and memories.  then, i think it would be very best welcome statement- ever.

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