flower arrangements.

we celebrated green beer sunday this past weekend.  this is an annual townie event that celebrates the arrival of green beer to the local bars (any reason is a good reason to celebrate).  around noon there is a parade that follows a tanker of beer down the street.
told ya.  an entire semi of green beer!  i think the mayor even walks behind the beer- it's kinda a big deal.    

my friend sara, a huge fan of green beer and all the festivities, hosted brunch before the parade.  we had a huge spread of eggs and french toast and yogurt and fruit.  we even had a chocolate & baileys cake.  i opted to help with the decorations and decided to try my hand at a flower arrangement.  

growing up, my mom often had my sisters and i make any and all floral arrangements for the holidays.  i loved taking the flowers and making something pretty for everyone to enjoy.  i don't play with flowers as much as i would like, so i think this little experiment, while it turned out okay, helped convince me that a floral arranging class would be very beneficial.

i went to a wholesale market in the morning and spent at least an hour rummaging through their entire selection of flowers.  i was on a quest for anything green & white and stumbled upon some awesome choices.  then, using some floral frogs, a glass pie pan and some green tissue paper, i went to work.
green centerpiece
flowers, frogs
i modified this method by martha stewart and with a bit of trial and error, ended up with a shamrock centerpiece.  it's not as defined as i had hoped- but i'm sure in a larger bowl or on a grander scale- the shamrock shape would be more obvious.
shamrock centerpiece
regardless of how it turned out, i had a lot of fun making it- and i have visions of floral arrangements dancing in my head.  the possibilities are endless.

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