weekend roundup.

as i mentioned, i spent the weekend in washington dc.  it was a brief trip, but as always, it blew my mind.  i love this city.  i flew in on friday and spent the day walking the streets with my eyes to the sky.  each building is more fascinating than the next and the monuments, budding trees, and modern structures blend so perfectly amongst one another.

the remainder of the oh-so-short weekend was spent dining in georgetown, pleasant walks outside, lots of great conversations- and of course, plenty of shopping. we also went to the regan convention center and saw capitol steps.  their tag line is: we put the mock in democracy- and boy do they ever.  it was more of a musical than i thought (no complaints here- i love musicals), & they covered everything from health care to charlie sheen.

if you've never had the pleasure of visiting dc- i'm telling you now, put it on your bucket list.  there is so much to do, never enough time, & i guarantee you'll be granting me permission to say, i told you so.

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