celebrating the big 4-0.

not me- thank god.  i'm not ready for the big 3-0, let alone 4-0.  so no worries.  i'm talking about starbucks.  they're celebrating their 40th anniversary.  i'm not much of a starbucks fan- though i love some of the music they promote and you will often find me drinking a bucket load of their signature hot cocoa and buying their christmas albums in the winter.  oh, and the unsweeted passion iced tea is pretty awesome too.

okay, i guess i'm more of a fan than i like to admit.

last night i was catching up on castle (a huge shout out to hulu for making this possible in a no-cable household) when this starbucks commercial* came on...

i kinda love it.  i love the fonts and simplicity and colors and the message:
we've been thinking about you.  and you are a lot more important than you know.  without you, there's no i love you or wish you were here.  without you, there is no us.  

isn't that sweet?  and wouldn't that make a great typography print?  must get on that.  must keep learning powerpoint...

i guess the promotion is over now...but heck, a great commercial is always worth sharing.

*i'm sure you've seen this already so forgive me.  in a world without cable i always seem to be a bit behind the 8 ball....

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