twelve things.

1. lovin' boden's outfit maker.  and pretending i own everything.
2. really looking to get into the world of juicing.  but i think i need this first.
3. it's time to get back into the swim routine.  think a new cap would help.
4. tea towels. so cute.
5. mumford & sons. love them.
6. toms.  i would love a pair- this pair to be exact.
7. diggin' this song:

8. looking forward to a loaf of honey white bread by the barefoot contessa.  her recipes are spectacular and they always turn out delish.  that being said, i'm going to start my bread baking streak with her help.
9. a great book on costa rica.  given to me by my friends as part of my birthday week extravaganza.
10. i would love to lay in a field of ranunculus and soak up the sun.  they are one of my favorite flowers. i just wish i knew how to pronounce "ranunculus."
11. only a little over 2 months until a. and i get to meet up in costa rica (the countdown has officially begun).
12. leaving for california in the morning.  still need to pack!  i guess if there's one thing i'm good at it's procrastinating!

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