spicy tomato oil obsession.

there's a little italian place in downtown syracuse.  i wouldn't say it's the best italian, although it has damn good bread, but it does hit the spot when i'm craving some decent pasta.  and it has some of the very, very best spicy hot tomato oil i've ever had.  ever.

i just can't get enough.  the other night i ate hot tomato oil and stretch bread for dinner.  and it was perfect.  as of now, i'm trying to find a copy-cat recipe online.  i'm forever thankful to the dedicated chefs who have the patience and take the time (both of which i have neither) to mimic these culinary marvels.  as of now i think this recipe sounds the best, but i'm still searching.  and i also know what i'm going to do with all my tomatoes this summer!

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