packages for a.

i love sending him packages.  and i love making it a process.  throughout the month, i'll pick up and collect things for a. while i'm shopping or happen to find during my day.  the sole criteria being- it must remind me of a.  i want each package to be special- not just stuff.

i always try to send him the things he asks for and i love to throw in unexpected surprises to brighten his day.  since i can't do it for him at home these days, at least i can try to surprise him in a few unexpected ways.  just recently, he received a box from me- and lucky for all you peeps in blogland (wink, wink)- i just happened to take a few pictures.
i have so much fun sending these- and i can never wait to send the next one.  right now i have a huge pile of stuff ready to go.  i know these boxes make his day, and for the next 7 months, i hope i can continue to surprise him with gifts, goodies and love.

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