a thursday diy.

hopefully, if you're anything like me, you might be interested in a quick diy project for the weekend.  i know i might be jumping the gun, but i am so ready for the weekend.  & i just can't help myself.  i figured this way you would have enough time to plan, pick-up the materials, and get busy as soon as the weekend hits...isn't that sweet of me?

anyway, look how amazingly cute this project is.  
right?!?  and the fact that you can make it only makes this bracelet that much more adorable.  so gather up your supplies and head on over to honestly wtf* for the full tutorial.  i'm sure you'll be making a ton and giving them out as gifts for any and all occasions.  

happy diy-ing!

*you're going to love this site.  they have a lot of great diy fashion projects, awesome fashion finds, trends and some of the latest happenings.  i've never been much of a fashionista, but this year i'm determined to bring a little style into my life & wardrobe.  i've almost taken solid classics to a whole new, boring level.  

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