around here.

around here things have been rather quiet.  there's a lot of knitting & homeland watching (have you see this show?  holy. crap.  it's definitely one of our faves.) and holiday treat baking.  i finished making and ordered our christmas cards and picked up some brightly colored envelopes for an added pop of holiday cheer.  i'll be so happy to have holiday cards crossed off my to do list.

speaking of to do lists, i still have a thousand projects lined up before christmas, but i'm enjoying every single one.  i love having projects to keep me busy...not that busy is needed this time of year.  so to slow down a bit, we're feeding the ducks and relearning settlers of catan- a fantastically addicting game.

enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. We are having fun enjoying some of these adventures with you guys.. and SO happy you have been hooked to Homeland!!! Such.a.great.show!